5 Things to Look for When Comparing D1 to Other Boutique Fitness Franchises

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5 Things to Look for When Comparing D1 to Other Boutique Fitness Franchises

Boutique fitness concepts are all the craze right now. Everyone has their own style that they like and swear is best. Every new idea is the latest and greatest that’s never been done before. But what really takes a boutique fitness franchise over the top? What separates those that turn a profit and make your investment worthwhile? Let’s look at the top five things you need to consider for your fitness franchise.

Number one, with any boutique fitness franchise, your customers must see results. There are multiple ways to achieve this. Usually, you’d want to track some metrics like weight, waist measurements, and possibly lifts, depending on the client’s goals. You need a way to look at them and say, “Hey look, you are getting closer to your goals!” Without proper tracking, you are hoping your client is looking in the mirror and seeing progress themselves. If you go to the doctor because something is wrong, you expect a prescribed treatment plan to get healthy. D1 locations prescribe a plan to each athlete with specific measurables every 90 days and follow up to confirm they are meeting their goals.

Number two, you want to ensure your franchise can service a diverse range of client types. What does that mean? Most boutique fitness gyms focus on the younger adult population, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What if your franchise could service kids, young adults, and older adults? To achieve this, you’d need a program and model capable of accommodating all these different demographics. It can be a tricky process, but it’s possible. The more potential clients you can service, the higher your potential for success. At D1, our approach starts with our Rookie class for the 7-11 age group. We also offer programs for Developmental (12-14) and Prep (15-18) groups, addressing younger audiences. Additionally, we extend our services to young adults with specific fitness goals and older adults striving for better health or new achievements.

Number three, you want to offer multiple options to your clients. Some gyms just offer classes, which can be a great source of income. What if you want to service someone that needs extra attention they can’t get in a class? What if you have someone that is willing to pay a higher price to get specialized programming or workouts based on their needs and wants? Many clients have left fitness facilities because they felt they weren't receiving adequate attention. If you have the capacity to provide one-on-one time with a client, and truly help them, you will have a client for life! At D1, we have a bevy of different options including group classes, D1-on-1 (personal training), and overtime for small groups. We also offer D1 On Campus (off-site training) for specific groups and online training for others. Additionally, we provide NFL Combine Prep and pro athlete training for those who are paid to perform on the field, court, track, you name it!

Number four, you want to effectively get clients in and out of your gym in a timely manner. People are busy and appreciate the ability to schedule their workouts. Knowing that a workout is pre-planned and will only take 54 minutes gives individuals a sense of peace. They don’t have to worry if it’ll run over into their kid's soccer game or an important work meeting. D1 gives clients the ability to get in and out quickly when needed, while also providing them the option to hang around after if desired! Every 54-minute class at D1 consists of the Five Star core programs, which includes a dynamic warm-up, performance, strength, core and conditioning, and a cool-down. 

Last, but definitely not least, your new franchise shouldn’t become your next job! You aren’t investing in a franchise to take up more of your time, you’re investing to create a community and job opportunities around you. The goal is to help people become the best version of themselves. Of course, it helps if it’s through an avenue you personally love as well. You want to be part of a franchise that has established systems and tools in place to minimize your stress as much as possible. It really should be a lot of plug-and-play concepts. You bought into the franchise for the plan, not to create it all from scratch! Thankfully, D1 has been around for 20 years and has the scars to prove it. Over the years, D1 has made mistakes and learned from them, sparing you from going through the same challenges.