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Going into business with your best friend always sounds like a great idea: you know the ins and outs of their character, trust them like family. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot can go wrong, leading to outcomes that result to not only tarnishing the professional venture, but also the longstanding friendship. Best friends and co-owners of D1 Training of St. Louis West, former NFL player, Dan Connolly and Ryan Roth are among the lucky best-friend-business-partner duos that say the best part of their business is being able to work with each other every day.

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From a focus on training like an athlete, providing a path to recovery, or giving something back to the community, D1 Training franchise culture is unlike anything else in franchising. Here’s what Dan, Ryan, and Tayt have to say about our culture.

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D1 Offers a Vision That Fits Well with a Mission

It’s apparent when you step into any D1 Training location that the people there are on a mission. They’re dedicated to the transformative power of athletic training. Otherwise, they wouldn’t put in the work to fulfill that mission. In the case of Steve Snider, in Little Rock, D1 not only delivered for people on a mission, but the model was also a perfect fit for his commission — as a minister.

Steve works through mentorship and youth sports programs to help instill strong character in Little Rock youth. He’s built youth mentorship programs and other faith-based initiatives, including a youth sports program. When it came time for that program to expand into a facility, Steve considered building his own from scratch. Then, he found D1 and realized that the character skills he was attempting to instill there were the same skills found at D1.

D1 Franchisee, Steve Snider

“I loved the vision that Will gave me of offering a level of training an athlete gets in a D1 institution like he and Peyton Manning enjoyed at Tennessee,” says Steve. “I also love the fact that the foundation of it was character based and character driven. The D1 character shirt lists some of the traits we promote with our athletes. These things — the importance of character, of good attitude, integrity and discipline — these fit perfectly with Life CHAMPS. And I love that they’re the foundation of D1. I found a resonance there.”

Joe Stanford was a member at D1 Cool Springs in Franklin, TN, for seven years before deciding to become a franchise owner himself and bring the D1 culture into his Nashville, TN, community. He values community and the family aspect of our fitness franchise and is a perfect fit for our company.

Joe Stanford and family

“I chose D1 first and foremost for the community. I was a member at D1 for 7 years before I agreed to purchase a franchise. I was able to see first-hand what it’s like to be a member at D1, for my kids to come in there, for my wife to come in there and really see what it can be as a facility for the whole family.”

What Sets A D1 Training Franchise Apart

The Core Values that make us an elite franchising choice


We Stand Above The Competition

Our fitness franchise provides clients with guided training typically only found in Division 1 programs. Yet we’re an approachable gym suitable for the whole family.


Our Story Is Rooted In Athletic History

D1 founder Will Bartholomew’s background as a Division 1 football star helped him craft a vision of elite athletic training for the general public.


D1 Is An Exciting Opportunity

Breaking into the $30 billion fitness industry is an exciting possibility with D1. Our franchise gym system delivers you the support you need to get started.

D1 Franchise

Why Now Is A Great Time To Own A D1 Franchise

With the fitness industry exploding, owning a boutique gym facility catering to a higher-paying clientele is a great investment. Owning a D1 franchise is a great way to start.

D1 Training

Athletes Love Training At D1 Training

A business is only as strong as its customer base, and at D1, our customers love us. They also love becoming a part of a fitness community and telling others about it.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Set Us Apart

From the owner of the facility down to the newest members, everyone strives to exemplify the D1 spirit. Embrace our core values and change the shape of your city.

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The D1 Fitness Franchise Opportunity Belongs in Your Market

If you’re committed to athleticism and the transformative power of teamwork, D1 Training franchise is the kind of potentially lucrative growth business you’re looking for. Find out more about our growth markets and what makes a great D1 Training location by exploring our website further. Or apply to become the next D1 owner today!

Winning Franchise

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Coming Together During Uncertain Times

The 2020 pandemic was difficult for just about everyone. From small business owners to parents to school age children, no one was left untouched by this worldwide event. Gym owners were no exception. Throughout the country, gyms were left shuttered for months upon months, forcing owners to quickly adapt in order to survive. That included waiving fitness membership dues, developing virtual fitness training programs, and more. However, the silver lining of this dark time was how communities across the country came together to help businesses that were hit the hardest. For many owners, this made the difference between surviving and having to keep the doors permanently closed.

Communities are also playing an important role in the post-pandemic bounce-back of gyms, and we believe this is reflective of the culture we have created with D1 Training. Our gym franchise is a relationship-building business centered around comradery. As we come out of this dark time, we believe our business, our teams, and our members will be stronger because of it. And we are ready to learn and grow from this experience and push our athletic training facilities to new and exciting heights.


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