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Here’s a typical D1 Training franchise scenario: a local high school team participates in strength conditioning. Their families come to watch and, impressed by the quality of the training, they become loyal D1 clients as well. Through personal training and small-group classes built around the idea that each individual is an athlete, D1’s skilled coaches meet the clients where they are and craft programs to meet the specific needs.

It’s a level of training typically reserved for Division 1 athletes. That’s why D1 athletes are more committed to their fitness — and more willing to pay a higher membership fee than people who join a typical neighborhood workout franchise.

“D1 is a one-of-a-kind fitness experience that’s built around the individual and meant to help people meet their appropriate edge,” says Dan Murphy, Chief Operating Officer for D1 Training. “As you look at fitness, the more specialized, boutique fitness offerings are what’s growing from an industry perspective. Our offering is at once a boutique, but also has a broad appeal.”

Where other fitness brands may focus on one aspect of fitness or a sport, D1 Training has been designed for every athlete, any age, and in any condition. Defined as anyone dedicated to their sport or fitness, every athlete needs to be stronger, faster, and quicker. Because our skilled coaches recognize the limitations and individual needs of an athlete, they’re able to prescribe programs to improve the athlete’s performance, while the one-on-one or small-group setting provides encouragement and accountability. The result is an established loyalty and trust between the members and their D1 facility staff that leads to long-term relationships, increased revenue, and a powerful word-of-mouth reputation. In fact, that’s one of D1’s key differentiators in the crowded fitness franchise market.

“The big difference is how you’re able to service your consumers in an environment like D1 Training versus the other fitness concepts,” Dan says. “Our personal training is customized and the group-based training gives you the same effect as individual, private training, because of the class size.”

What Sets A D1 Training Franchise Apart

The Core Values that make us an elite franchising choice


We Stand Above The Competition

Our fitness franchise provides clients with guided training typically only found in Division 1 programs. Yet we’re an approachable gym suitable for the whole family.


Our Story Is Rooted In Athletic History

D1 founder Will Bartholomew’s background as a Division 1 football star helped him craft a vision of elite athletic training for the general public.


D1 Is An Affordable Opportunity

Breaking into the $30 billion fitness industry is remarkably affordable with D1. Our franchise gym system delivers you the support you need to get started.

D1 Franchise

Why Now Is A Great Time To Own A D1 Franchise

With the fitness industry exploding, owning a boutique gym facility catering to a higher-paying clientele is a great investment. Owning a D1 franchise is a great way to start.

D1 Training

Athletes Love Training At D1 Training

A business is only as strong as its customer base, and at D1, our customers love us. They also love becoming a part of a fitness community and telling others about it.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Set Us Apart

From the owner of the facility down to the newest members, everyone strives to exemplify the D1 spirit. Embrace our core values and change the shape of your city.

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We’re A Boutique Fitness Franchise


Look at the crowded market for big-box gyms and certain factors stand out. These facilities provide little in the way of a fitness community, and they get large volumes of people through the door with the promise of ultra-low membership fees. Combined, this leads to high membership turnover. At the end of the month, managers have to scramble to convince enough members to renew lapsing memberships. In other words, clients join on a lark and then fall off quickly.

D1 Training franchise attracts individuals and families who are committed to high-quality athletic training, and they’re willing to pay more to train in our facilities with our certified coaches. The result is a fitness facility unlike any other, where clients aren’t just members — they’re athletes. And, unlike other gym franchise opportunities where membership is almost exclusively focused on attracting adult members, D1 Training is diversified across all ages. Here’s a breakdown of just a few of our core membership targets:

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  • Athletes in the youth categories, the Rookie and Developmental classes, typically come to us by way of small-group and team-building classes. By the time these student athletes turn 15 and transition to our Prep class, they and their parents are eyeing continued sports participation into college — often at a Division 1 athletics program.
  • Our D1 Adult class is designed using scientifically-based training methods to drive results. Holistic training ensures an athletic workout for the entire body.

All in, the D1 Training franchise offers something for everyone, and the result is long-term, predictable revenue.

Winning Franchise

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At the heart of every D1 Training operation are our four core values, the precepts each employee and owner rely on to drive their work with D1 athletes. These values represent the heart of the D1 Training franchise system.

  • Be a team player
  • Have passion for our work
  • Find a way, make a smart play
  • Have D1 character

D1 Training Chief Executive Officer , Will Bartholomew explains the importance of the D1 core values to the success of each employee in their mission to deliver the best possible athletic training.

“By being true to the core values, we are able to focus on what each athlete needs at that moment, provide for that need, and move them forward towards their goals,” Will says. “The values build trust and reliance both between coaches and athletes and within the staff.”

When it comes to D1 character, Will says that means being upstanding, honest, and accountable for your decisions. As with other areas, accountability is key.

“We have 12 character words we touch on monthly, and we also highlight an athlete who exemplifies the D1 character each month. It’s just another piece of engaging with our client base, our community of athletes,” Will says.

He also notes the importance of being a team player and finding ways to make the smart plays — two values that frequently go hand-in-hand.

“We’re in an industry where you’re going to do everything from raking the turf to picking up loose weights to managing the facility,” Will says. “That’s being a team player — no job is beneath you. When it comes to making a smart play, which is key, there are going to be times where you have to make a quick decision — about a workout or a group class or an athlete’s goals.”

Ultimately, the D1 Training experience sets itself apart through the passion for athletics, our athletes, and our business. It’s not an 8-5 job, Will notes, and odd hours can make the job difficult for people who lack passion for the business.

If you think you have the passion, commitment and drive to succeed with D1 Training franchise, take a minute and learn a little bit more about what sets us apart, or start the process of joining D1 today.


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