Why Former NFL Player Taylor Scott Chose D1 Training Franchise

Author: D1 Training

Why Former NFL Player Taylor Scott Chose D1 Training Franchise


D1 Training franchise owner Taylor ScottWhen Taylor Scott’s career in the NFL and CFL came to a close, he knew he wanted to go into business — and one possible business stood out. D1 Training offered him the opportunity to combine his love of business with his love of training.

“”I knew I wanted to be in business, and I liked the idea of owning a D1, being a part of an organization where I could exercise my passions and, at the same time, own and grow my own business,” says Taylor, who owns a D1 Training franchise in Tampa, Florida.

Taylor knew about D1 through his time playing professional football. He had been through the 2009 NFL Combine at the Nashville D1 facility, where he got his first taste of D1’s training methodology.

“I was in the same group with Tim Tebow, George Shipley and all of those guys,” he says. “While I was there, I fell in love with the training and with the concept.”

D1 Training franchise is a membership-based training facility and boutique fitness franchise that provides individual and group training classes in a state-of-the-art facility, the likes of which are normally found only on the campuses of the biggest schools and in the training centers of the best teams. Our trainers provide instruction in basic athleticism, advanced cross-training and fitness, and targeted workouts to improve overall performance. D1 Training owners deliver advanced athletic training to clients of all ages, from team conditioning for the junior high football team to strength and endurance classes for individuals looking to improve their overall health. Whether you’re a former athlete or an entrepreneur who is passionate about fitness, D1 taps into your drive to help people become their best versions of themselves, Taylor explains.

“When I was playing professional football, I loved the training aspect, working to improve performance and driving myself to become a better player,” Taylor says. “I really loved the off season almost as much as the season itself, because we focused on training so much.”

That training was just one of the reasons Taylor chose D1 Training for his second career. Here are a few others.


Developing athleticism begins in youth, and at D1 Training, our trainers, owners and members all pride themselves in a commitment to youth sports. For Taylor, bringing elite-style athletic training to a younger audience was a win-win.

“For myself and most other pro athletes involved in D1, the one common denominator is the resources D1 makes available to younger athletes,” he says. “I wanted to get involved with D1 because I wish I had had this kind of training available when I was a kid.”

Youth sports are a valuable community resource and a driver of revenues. When youth athletes or teams visit the D1 Training facility, parents follow. And, when they see the workouts their kids are getting, the families join.


D1 Training franchise stands out from the crowded field of CrossFit and key-fob gyms because we combine the best of group training with individualized attention. Many D1 franchise owners also integrate their facilities with sports medicine and physical therapy operations. No other gym franchise provides that flexibility, which is a key to the business model, as Taylor explains.

“D1 offers both group fitness and individual training, in a package that’s all wrapped up with therapy and medical care,” he says. “That’s the opportunity with D1 — to let you create it as you want it to be within your community. It hits on so many different spectrums.”

D1 Training franchise demographics by age. Rookie: 7-11. Developmental: 12-14. Prep: 15-18. Strength: Adult. Boot camp: Adult.

The D1 Training franchise model is a powerful combination that brings the holistic approach of elite athletics training to new markets of members, and that makes our gym a popular stop for fitness enthusiasts, youth athletes and individuals in need of recuperation.


D1 Training franchise owners understand community. They’re an integral part of the sports and fitness efforts, sponsoring 5k races, youth teams and charities. At the same time, because our elite training produces lasting results, their fitness facilities become a part of people’s lives in a way no other fitness franchise can.

“If you’re a D1 owner in your community, you know your gym is going to impact people’s lives,” Taylor says. “It’s not just another alternative for fitness. It’s going to make a difference in their lives.”

That’s because we treat each client as an athlete, meeting them where they are in their training needs, and then help them to develop. This level of customized workout is simply not available elsewhere in the market, and that makes our fitness franchise a powerful competitor.