CNBC Reveals Secretes Behind D1 Training Franchise Growth

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CNBC Reveals Secretes Behind D1 Training Franchise Growth


In a recent piece on, reporter Leah Ginsberg recounts how our founder, Will Bartholomew, grew D1 Training from a single location into a $20 million company in just 16 years. Will’s passion for athletic training drove him to overcome an NFL career-ending injury and establish a thriving business — and D1 Training has become a leader in the fitness industry as a result.

“Passion and work ethic drove him forward,” Leah writes. “He was at work by 5 a.m. every day and stayed late at night. For two years, Bartholomew drew no salary from D1 and instead invested everything back into the business. By 2003, D1 was a profitable business, and by 2004 it had generated its first $1 million in revenue.”

Since those first profitable years, D1 Training has grown into one of the leading athletic training franchises in America, with 32 franchise locations, four corporate facilities and 10 new franchise locations under contract. At the same time, D1 Training continues to attract athletes and entrepreneurs.

Will shares his thoughts about D1 Training — and the passion that fuels our success — in Leah’s CNBC story, which you can read here.  

“What I’ve found with … this business is that it hits all my passions. My wanting to help people and give back, my passion for actually working out and then my passion for being in control of my destiny,” Will tells CNBC. “It really scratched all those itches.”

Will’s passion for athletic training has grown into a $20 million-a-year business, according to CNBC, because he recognized the importance of franchising the company after a period of internal growth. As Will sees it, franchising D1 Training was the key to transforming the brand into a national player.

“I should have franchised earlier,” Will says, recounting the period of growth during which D1 Training locations were all corporate-owned. “Instead of trying to hold it all for myself, I should have franchised earlier.”

Since franchising, D1 Training has proven to be a remarkable business model no matter the economic climate. In fact, during the Great Recession, D1 grew faster than ever before.

“I had an amazing time, an amazing ride,” Will explains. “When the market was contracting, I was expanding and opening more locations. I was able to get a great lease or I was able buy real estate super-cheap.”

Another big driver behind D1 Training franchise’s growth: athletes in the NFL and collegiate programs fell in love with the quality of the facilities and dedication to athletic excellence each trainer demonstrated. The level of customized workout simply wasn’t available anywhere else.

CNBC agrees, noting that Tim Tebow, Herschel Walker and Carmelo Anthony are just a few of the elite athletes who have chosen to become a part of D1 Training. Others include Will’s original D1 partner Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and A.J. Hawk, among many more.

But D1 Training isn’t just for former professional athletes. CNBC points out it’s an affordable business to get into, and the market for boutique fitness franchises is growing. That makes now a great time be a part of the D1 franchise.