Women March Forward: Hannah Vander Wall Drives Data at D1

Author: D1 Training

Women March Forward: Hannah Vander Wall Drives Data at D1

The month of March is an active and inspired time of year for many reasons. Whether we’re celebrating a holiday, springing forward into more daylight, or breaking at the beach, there’s a buzz to be heard everywhere if you listen for it. The backdrop behind the hum, however, drapes this month in a celebration of women kicked off by International Women’s Day, and acknowledged all month long as Women’s History Month. This is a time to commemorate and encourage the study, celebration, and observance of women, the vital roles they have played in our culture, and the paths they are forging ahead.

Today, three-quarters of U.S. workers are women, the proportion of working women with college degrees has quadrupled since 1970, and every day more women are excelling in their fields, breaking down barriers and setting inspired examples for the next generation of women and girls behind them.

One such woman is Hannah Vander Wall. She is the Director of Digital Marketing at D1 Training, an elite training facility for athletes with more than 100 corporate and franchised facilities nationwide. Vander Wall is no stranger to athletics and brings an impressive resume to the D1 marketing team in her leadership role at their home office.

“Digital Marketing is one of the most relevant and quickly changing areas of marketing,” she said. “Because of this, I am continuously growing my skillset to develop innovative solutions to support D1 in not only competing, but exceeding goals.”

Exceeding goals is something Vander Wall knows a little something about. In her early years in sports, she was voted First Team All-League and received the Bergen County Women Coaches Association Multi Sport Athletic Award, among others. She went on to excel as a Division One Track and Field athlete at the College of Charleston as a High Hurdler. She was selected to compete at the CAA Championship Conference meet and is a school record holder in the 4x300m relay.

Then, she graduated with dual degrees in Marketing and International Business, with a minor in Global Logistics and Transportation.

As accomplished as she is on paper and on the track, Vander Wall believes it is the people and cultures around us that teach us the most, and having a world view is a perspective people should strive for. She spent the whole of 2023 traveling through Latin America, including Costa Rica, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

“I think it is important to explore other cultures to expose yourself to new experiences and gain different perspectives,” she said. “This perspective can be applied to many aspects of life including how you approach people and problems. I have always believed life is about continuous learning. Through travel, outside of enjoying the beaches, I have loved learning about new people, their stories, and different cultures.”

Vander Wall attributes some of her character, outlook, and drive to the profound influence of her high school track coach, Stacie Gallo. “She cared fiercely about us as people first, checking in on how we were mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.” Vander Wall says Gallo knew how to strike a balance between all three components, knew when to push, when to comfort, and placed an emphasis on connectedness between teammates. “She taught us that true success goes beyond achievements on the track.”

Perhaps that’s why Vander Wall is making such a difference at D1 Training. They too conduct business in a way that focuses on relationships, teamwork, and shared vision.

“I enjoy being surrounded by skilled, passionate team members who continuously push me to achieve greater levels of excellence,” she said. “On top of that, the core values D1 represents truly align with my personal values. Our team’s dedication to reach new heights and commitment to serve is world class.”

Further, Vander Wall believes it is the people in our lives, personally and professionally, who are our best teachers. “D1 to me is fostering a community of excellence for not only myself, but our franchisees, coaches, and athletes.”

Like her former coach, Vander Wall is keen to set an example for others. Recently, as a spectator at baseball’s Spring Training, she came across a group of young women softball players wearing D1 Training tee shirts. She was quick to talk with them, learn about their training, and encourage them. She mentioned to the D1 home office team how inspired and excited she was to meet them. What she may not have realized is at that moment of recognition and acknowledgement, she embodied exactly what it is we celebrate during this month and, hopefully, every month hereafter.