D1 Training Announces Multi-Unit Agreement Set to Bring 4 Locations to Greater Sacramento Area

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D1 Training Announces Multi-Unit Agreement Set to Bring 4 Locations to Greater Sacramento Area

Leading Fitness Franchise Strengthens California Expansion as Pipeline Grows to 20+ Facilities in Various Stages of Development

D1 Training announces the signing of a four-unit franchise agreement that will bring facilities to the greater Sacramento area over the next four years.

Behind the four-unit agreement is California resident Bill Sanders. Having previously been a multi-unit, multi-brand franchisee for more than a decade, Sanders boasts a background of extensive franchising knowledge and expertise. After selling all his franchise units in 2022, he was ready to exit the industry. That is, until he came across the D1 Training opportunity that spoke to his passion of sports, athletics, and scholastic training.

Sanders was a college athlete who blew out his knees multiple times due to improper training. Now, as a father, he is watching his son being taught these same improper trainings as well. This is when it really hit him – there is a huge need and massive opportunity to make a real impact with kids at a young age.

“When I came across the D1 franchise opportunity, I immediately aligned with the brand’s mission and philosophy to properly train athletes of all ages and backgrounds,” said Sanders. “I really resonated with Founder & CEO Will Bartholomew’s experience, and respect what he’s been able achieve. Knowing we can make a real impact with kids at a young age gives me the confidence and assurance I needed to invest in this brand.”

Sanders’ first location is set to open in Roseville at 410 Roseville Square by year-end. He is currently in site selection for the additional locations with a goal to have all four facilities open and operating by 2027.

“Bill brings incredible passion, experience, and industry expertise to the table, and we could not be more thrilled to work with him,” said D1 Training Chief Operating Officer, Dan Murphy. “California is a key market with significant long-term growth opportunity, and we look forward to the impact Bill will make in the Sacramento area while we continue to welcome likeminded franchisees to our D1 family as we expand our footprint across the state.”

Fueling D1’s aggressive development is a strategic investment from Princeton Equity Group that will continue to propel D1 into a national brand synonymous with high-caliber athletic performance and fitness. The brand has set forth an aggressive development goal to award over 100 territories in 2023, bringing D1’s total number of units in development to over 250.

Alongside this impressive growth is strong performance. According to D1 Training’s Franchise Disclosure Document, the average gross revenue for D1 franchised businesses in 2022 was $870,884 with same store revenues up 13% from the previous year*.

All locations offer three core training programs, Scholastic (Rookie, Developmental, Prep and Overtime), Adult and Pro. Each fitness program is based on the five athletic-based tenets: dynamic warm-up, performance, strength program, core and conditioning, and cool down. Outside of group workouts, D1 offers one-on-one training with world-class coaches.

D1 Training has experienced strong same-store-sales growth year-over-year as the industry remains strong as ever, with an untapped growth potential in scholastic training. The competitive landscape of youth sports is ever-changing and having access to a place like D1 - where young athletes can hone their skills – is becoming increasingly important. This paired with D1’s adult and personal training programs are providing an unmatched opportunity.

*This information appears in Item 19 of our current FDD – please refer to our FDD for complete information on financial performance. Results may differ. There is no assurance that any franchisee will perform as well.