D1 Training Opens 90th location in Gilbert, Arizona

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D1 Training Opens 90th location in Gilbert, Arizona

Kylie Fitts is intimately familiar with the tenets of hard work and unwavering commitment, values that align seamlessly with the philosophy of D1 Training. These principles were instrumental in securing him a football scholarship at the University of Utah right after high school in California. They propelled him to be chosen as a sixth-round draft pick by the Chicago Bears in 2018, subsequently leading to his contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

Today, his aspirations are directed toward empowering athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike through the platform of D1 Training, enabling them to realize their aspirations, whatever they may encompass.

Situated at the southwest intersection of Val Vista Drive and Elliot Road, the new D1 Val Vista franchise in Gilbert stands as a testament to Fitts' vision and D1's mission. It's a vision he's well-acquainted with, having utilized D1 facilities during his time with the Cardinals, where he trained at their Scottsdale branch. Now, as a D1 facility owner, his perspective has shifted. Among football players from nearby Highland and Gilbert high schools as well as parents, home-schooled kids and other athletes of all ages, D1 Val Vista is quickly becoming a training destination that is a first for that part of the growing city.

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