D1 Training Announces Partnership with Dashr, Set to Strengthen Scholastic Programs with Revolutionary Technology

Author: D1 Training

D1 Training Announces Partnership with Dashr, Set to Strengthen Scholastic Programs with Revolutionary Technology

Leading Fitness Franchise to Roll Out New Technology to Better Measure Performance and Drive Results

D1 Training has announced a partnership with Dashr, the industry's fastest growing and most reputable designer and supplier of combine testing equipment.

As D1 Training continues to experience double-digit same-store-sales growth year-over-year, the brand aims to set a new bar when it comes to scholastic training. This partnership will directly benefit D1’s scholastic athletes by measuring performance with results that are simple to integrate, accurately measured, and consistent throughout the system. These results will aid coaches in prescribing the proper training for their athletes to meet desired goals.

The competitive landscape of youth sports is ever changing and having access to a place like D1 - where young athletes can hone their skills – is becoming increasingly important.

“One of our main differentiators, and what makes D1 a game changer in the industry, is our Scholastic Training that makes up over 61% of total revenue,” said Dan Murphy, Chief Operating Officer. “Simply put, there is no other fitness franchise offering a focus on the scholastic athlete quite like we do. As the leader in this space, we set out on a mission to partner with a premier brand in sports technology measurement.”

Dashr allows athletes to have actual industry benchmarks to see how they stack up against other athletes of their same demographics. The wireless motion performance technology scores them based on their test results, thus allowing coaches and trainers to better prescribe a training plan to reach desired goals. The scoring process is done using a complex algorithm called the EPIC Index. This index is backed by decades of research to measure athletic ability. Each performance test (dash, pro-agility, and vertical jump) counts towards the athlete’s overall score with a max score of 1000 per test. There is a 5-star system to help them see where they compare and where they need improvement when looking to play at the college level and beyond.

“At Dashr, our mission is to disrupt athletic performance testing by offering professional equipment designed specifically to enable programs of all levels the capability to accurately measure the progress of their athletes at an affordable price,” said Chase Pfeifer, Dashr CEO. “We are excited to join forces with D1 Training and be one step closer to leveling the playing field so that athletes and coaches everywhere can have access to technology like Dashr.”

D1 Training is currently beta testing this technology in its home facility in Franklin, TN, along with seven additional markets across Denver, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Vegas, Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Shreveport. With a simple integration process and the ability to manage via an app on your phone, system wide roll out will begin in Q3 with the goal to have the technology integrated into all facilities by year-end.

“When we began researching vendors, Dashr was at the top of list,” said Mat Kite, Director of Education at D1 Training. “Incorporating Dashr’s technology will not only tremendously help our coaches and staff support our athletes’ goals, but also allow for our franchisees to validate the hard work that goes into making our facilities successful among scholastic athletic training.”