Taylor Scott: Supporting Athletes of All Skill Levels in Tampa

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Taylor Scott: Supporting Athletes of All Skill Levels in Tampa


Tell us a little about yourself. What did you do before joining D1?

I played defensive end for the Toronto Argonauts from 2010-2012. I have always been a meathead at heart. I hold almost all the weight room records in my college- I just love the training aspect of being an athlete. I also earned an MBA in Accounting, and always wanted to own my own business in a field that I was passionate about.

What prompted your interest in D1 Training?

I was a part of the 2010 D1 Combine class during my brief stint in the NFL, so my first impression was Kurt Hester. Whenever I finished my season I would always come back and train with Kurt. I fell in love with his training style, and I loved the D1 environment and facility. I was always a nomad in the off-season, training in several different places, all over the U.S. and even in Canada. But wherever I went, I always wanted to go back and train at a D1.

While I was there I watched the young athletes train, and it was like nothing I had ever seen. I thought to myself, how much better could I have been if I was exposed to this training when I was twelve years old? I really fell in love with D1’s approach to athletic development, from youth all the way to the professional level. I’ve also never seen a facility that combines medical services and therapy in the same place- that is a huge value for a professional athlete.

What different roles have you played within the organization, and how have those experiences prepared you for owning a D1?

After experiencing a very significant injury that ended my NFL career, I went back to Tampa and began working as the Facility Coordinator after apprenticing under Kurt Hester. From there I became a Retail Director, and had the opportunity to learn more about the franchising concept. Last year I became an owner of D1 Tampa. Being an operator and owner is so much fun- I get to run my own business and use my skills in a field I am so passionate about.

What makes D1 in your market different than anyone can experience in another gym?

D1 Tampa is primarily known for our professional athletes and combine athletes. This year we had the number one professional combine training in the company, and in the past two years we have trained over 100 pro football and 25 pro baseball athletes. Tampa is a hotbed for pro athletes of all kinds, and they all flock to D1. Our facility is a one-stop shop- we have our own orthopaedic surgery center, MRI, PRP, Stem Cell, Nutrition and Supplementation services, as well as Food, Travel, and Housing. Anything an athlete would need to get to the next level, we have it here in Tampa.

What have you enjoyed the most about being a D1 owner?

I love the opportunity to impact members and the surrounding community. This position allows you to serve people and create life-changing relationships and experiences for people. We develop not only great athletes, but great people. We help them learn to love the process, and not just the results.

What have you done to grow awareness for the D1 brand in your market?

We’ve had the chance to support many of our local schools and businesses in the community, but I would say the number one priority is to produce and protect a great culture. So many of our members are raving fans, and they talk about D1 wherever they go.

Some people think that membership dues are the only way that facilities make money. What other things have you done to grow top line?

Relationships and consistent product delivery are the two most important ways we grow our revenue. People pay for the little things, the personal touches, so we hold that to a very high standard at this location.

What advice would you offer up for someone considering opening their very own D1 facility?

Don’t be passive owner. Be completely bought in to the lifestyle. If you’re not living it, then you can’t sell it.