D1 Training Flexes 2022 Expansion Efforts, Aims to Award 70+ Units Bringing Development Total to Over 250

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D1 Training Flexes 2022 Expansion Efforts, Aims to Award 70+ Units Bringing Development Total to Over 250

Multi-Unit Agreements, Strategic Investments, and Industry Awards Fuel Leading Fitness Franchise’s Immense Growth

D1 Training looks to build on the momentum of a strong development year in 2021. D1 celebrated the opening of seven new locations and awarded 36 franchises throughout the year. Heading into 2022, D1 has set an aggressive expansion goal to award 70-plus units that will bring its development total to over 250 facilities nationwide.

Fueling these expansion efforts is a strategic investment from Princeton Equity Group that will propel D1 into a national brand synonymous with high-caliber athletic performance and fitness. With this partnership, D1 is positioned for major growth in 2022 and is seeking qualified, community-minded franchisees with a passion for the fitness industry.

D1 Training has experienced 48% same-store-sales growth year-over-year as the industry remains strong as ever, with an untapped growth potential in scholastic training. The competitive landscape of youth sports is ever changing and having access to a place like D1 - where young athletes can hone their skills – is becoming increasingly important. This paired with D1’s adult and personal training programs are providing an unmatched opportunity.

“One of our main differentiators, and what makes D1 a game changer in the industry, is our Scholastic Training that makes up over 61% of total revenue,” said Dan Murphy, Chief Operating Officer. “Simply put, there is no other fitness franchise offering a focus on the scholastic athlete quite like we do, while also providing a superior adult training experience.”

All locations offer three core training programs, Scholastic (Rookie, Developmental, Prep and Overtime), Adult and Pro. Each fitness program is based on the five athletic-based tenets: dynamic warm-up, performance, strength program, core and conditioning, and cool down. Outside of group workouts, D1 Training offers one-on-one training with world-class coaches.

“We attribute our brand’s success to our strong franchise network that shares our same community-first mentality and believes in delivering the D1 experience to everyone,” adds Murphy. “We’ve been seeing all-time high surges in memberships, validating the importance of fitness, health and wellness among consumers. Now, we continue to see engagement at or above pre-pandemic levels across the nation.”

As a result of D1’s strength and performance, new owners are flocking to the franchise opportunity as it fills a void in communities nationwide with a unique service offering that previously did not exist. Whether it be those looking to escape corporate America, families going into business together, or professional athletes like Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, and Von Miller, D1 Training is gaining national attention with top-tier entrepreneurs ready to invest.

The success of the brand has not gone unnoticed as the industry has recognized D1 with several award wins including being endorsed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, being named a top 30 gym in America by Men’s Health Magazine, and making an appearance on the prestigious Inc. 5000.